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strong ice by mayrussian7 on Flickr.


"A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. After Burckhalter’s photographs of the eclipse of May 28, 1900." From a 1903 edition of A Text-Book of Astronomy by George C. Comstock.

the other day i found out that “Hollaback Girl” is actually a Courtney Love dis.  I was really intrigued by this and it created a dialogue amongst my friends which later turned into a Team Gwen or Team Courtney debate.

I honestly felt really conflicted, more so than I’ve ever been when debating pop culture.  In the past these have always been really easy for me.  Like it’s totally David Byrne over David Bowie.  And I’m team Zeppelin over Floyd, yet somehow I found myself incredibly torn.

I feel like both Stefani and Love bring incredibly important yet different things to the table, and i just can’t choose between the two.  But i do know that they both were a point of entry into the feminist perspective for my 7 year old self. 


"Cono de Arita" in Salta at Argentina by Axel and Roslie


Anish Kapoor,
Imminence, 2000